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Cerita Kaum Hawa : Jom tgk-tgk... - Girls Sextrology :)

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

~Lihatlah sekitar alam..
Dunia luas terbentang..~


Flip Side : You tend to blame yourself for everything that goes wrong and often have way too much self-pity.

Personality: Kind, loving truthful, courteous, helpful, and hospitable. Your are wise enough to stay miles away from negative habit.

Romance: You will remain attracted to the romantic life, prefer beauty of the partner and intellect.

Ideal Match: Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus. This combination can lead to the romantic life.

likes: 1. Beaches at sunset and waterfalls. 2. Candle and incense. 3. Soft music. 4. Being loved.

Dislikes: 1. Bright, noisy places; 2. Things that are dirty or ugly; 3. Hard rock music; 4. Being told to "get a grip".

#kissingstyle : When you are kissing your lover, you will stare at him deeply and the kissing moment becomes longer.

Physical Appearance: Your eyes are liquid, heavy lidded, and full of strange lights. Some piscean eyes are simply beautiful.

Plus Side: You're a sympathetic person! You tend to be shy and quiet, but you have a great memory and sense of humor.

Mental Tendencies: Quick in understanding, inspirational, versatile, easy going, good natured, changeful, psychic and emotional.

Sensual Spots: Feet. Gently scratching her feet, and sucking her toes is a real turn on.


Flip Side: You often get irritated or bored at a moment's notice. Sometimes you are a little too bossy and rub people the wrong way.

Personality: Truthful, energetic, aggressive, romantic. Your outstanding weakness is jealousy and pride

Romance: They are frank and enthusiastic in love, their good nature & charm attract the opposite sex so they marry early & in a haste

Ideal Match: Leo, Libra & Sagittarius. Both are advised to be peaceful, avoid lavish spending and have saving disposition.

likes: 1. Having lots of spending money. 2. New clothes. 3.Presents wrapped in pretty paper. 4. Sparkly eye-shadow & nail polish.

Dislikes: 1. Having to wait in line; 2. Hand-me-downs; 3. Being ignored; 4. Food with no taste.

#kissingstyle : Fast but full of passion, sometimes it's accompanied by desire that sometimes arises but sometimes missing.

Physical Appearance: lean and of muscular body, middle stature,ruddy complexion but have normally redness on their face

Plus Side: a natural born leader! You're up for challenges & ready to sink all of your energy into whatever piques your interest.

Mental Tendencies: Ambitious , dominating, active, courageous and lover of independence. Impulsive and aggressive.

#SensualSpots : Face. Touching the lips, blowing hot air into ears, kissing her eyelids are sure ways to send a chill down her spine.


Flip Side: Sometimes you take too long to make a decision and you miss an opportunity or come across as slow-movin

Personality: Practical, reliable, trustworthy and sincere. Though secretive and reserved they make faithful friends.

Romance: Impulsive in love, loyal and take a long time to select a mate. You don't like quarrels and hate confusion.

Ideal Match: Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer. This denotes good partners,contributing to peace, maintain happy married life and harmony.

likes: 1. Having money saved. 2. Fury or silky material. 3. Eating good foods. 4. Taking your time.

Dislikes: 1. Being disturbed when concentrating; 2. Scratchy material; 3. Changing your routine; 4. Being told to hurry up.

#kissingstyle : You love long kiss and full of sincerity. You really enjoy each second of the kisses

Physical Appearance: broad forehead, plumpy, bright eyes, thick and stout neck, dark hair, clear complexion, & well developed body.

Plus Side: a glamour girl by nature; you love looking and feeling your best. Your calm personality always puts everyone at ease.

Mental Tendencies: Preserving, constant, conservative, determined, obstinate, and ambitious of power. Slow but good steady worker.

Sensual Spots: Neck. Kissing on the neck, mildly biting the neck are some of the easy ways to turn on a Taurus girl.


Flip Side: You love making things interesting and will add details that don't exist just to get a reaction. You also tend to gossip!

Personality: Very intelligent, and want mental companionship, do not want to be mere house keeper.

Romance: Geminis are of calculative nature and cynical in love. She is of flirtation nature if horoscope indicates.

Ideal Match: Libra & Aquarius. The combination can lead to happy and favourable life as these men can understand her better

likes: 1. Talking on the phone. 2. Getting to the bottom of things. 3. Being around your friends. 4. Nicknames.

Dislikes: 1. Listening to others whine or complain; 2. Not knowing what's going on; 3. Being alone for too long; 4. Wasting time.

#kissingstyle : When kissing you like to laugh, smile, and watch your lover's face.

Physical Appearance: tall, upright, slender, has moderate complexion. Legs are thin. Hazel or Grey eyes, look sharp and active.

Plus Side: A great communicator and you love to talk! Your charm and wit often help you persuade people to see things your way.

Mental Tendencies: Witty, intelligent , lovely, somewhat shy, humane. Admirer of music, dance, painting, travels and inventions.

Sensual Spots: Palms & Hands. Just kissing the finger tips & the insides of the palm are enough to excite a girl of this sign.


Flip Side: U get ur feelings hurt often & instead of getting to the heart of the matter & fix it, u tend to let it build up inside.

Personality: Sincere, loyal, affectionate, dutiful and devoted to your husband. Plus: you're romantic and imaginative

Romance: You are loyal, sincere and affectionate in love but she lack in expressing her love, loyalty and sincerity to her partner.

Ideal Match: She should preferably marry Cancer, Scorpio and pisces born persons.

likes: 1. Your birthday remembered by friends. 2. Keeping a photo album. 3. Hugs. 4. Collecting things

Dislikes: 1. Those who forget names & dates; 2. Having to handle in a crisis; 3. Yelling; 4. Losing things.

#kissingstyle : Your kiss is warm and soft, but difficult to stop.

Physical Appearance: round face, full cheeks, short nose but prominent. Pale complexion, wide breast, small hands & feet.

Plus Side: You are very kind & you regard your friends like they are your family. You are very patient & compassionate to others.

Mental Tendencies: You are fond of change, novelty and travelling. Inclined to public life, sympathetic, changeful and impatient.

Sensual Spots: Kissing, kneading, gently biting or suckling is just the way to turn her on.


Flip Side: You like to be noticed! You give a lot of praise to others, and you expect it back in return!

Personality: Very independent views, have excellent organizing powers, she is constructive, inventive, magnanimous and ingenious

Romance: You are `A` class romantic, passionate, an ideal lovers, fiery in passions but sincere and faithful.

Ideal Match: Leo is a fiery sign and best sutted for Aries,Saggittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius born persons.

likes: 1. Being active. 2. Sincere compliments. 3. Fashionable clothes. 4. Being outside.

Dislikes: 1. Being bored; 2. Being laughed at; 3. Last year's trends; 4. Being cooped up.

#kissingstyle : Wild and sometimes accompanied by small bites or scratches.

Physical Appearance: Broad shoulders, upright body better formed than lower. Blush on your face, broad forehead, walk straight.

Plus Side: Your sunny disposition is always a happy sight! You are fun and playful and enjoy being around people who are exciting

Mental Tendencies: Generous, honourable, frank, warm hearted, confident, fearless, impulsive, determined, of independent views.

Sensual Spots: A Leo girl's erogenous spot is the back. Concentrate more on the inner thighs, to turn on the lioness.


Flip Side: Since you wanna be perfect in all you do, you're often very hard on urself & never happy with anything you're working on.

Personality: You're born to rule → Truthful, intelligent,witty, strong and capable yet deliciously feminine at the same time

Romance: You will not show any demonstration of love in public as you consider if below your dignity.

Ideal Match: Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio. This combination will lead to happy & maintain harmony in domestic life.

likes: 1. Being on time. 2. Using fancy soaps and shampoos. 3. Making lists. 4. Small animals.

Dislikes: 1. Crowds & noisy places; 2. Leaving the top off of the toothpaste; 3. People who move your things; 4. Sitting for too long

#kissingstyle : Soft and neat. This habit makes your lover enjoy the kiss, even he often doesn't realize if the kiss has finished.

Physical Appearance: Tall with a slender body, dark hair, curved & hairy eyebrows, thin & shrill voice, & will never have pot belly.

Plus Side: Hard worker! You are a loyal friend who is very considerate of other people's feelings.

Mental Tendencies: Preserving and conscientious. Linking for art, cheerful, optimistic disposition. Magnanimous and generous

Sensual Spots: Stomach. Lingering on in that area, kissing, caressing, massaging, gently pinching & biting are sure ways to turn on.


Flip Side: You have a hard time making decisions. You also get cranky when you are forced to make up your mind before you are ready!

Personality: You're smart, easily appeased, courageous to do any thing alone, pursue it alone and finish it alone in a grand way

Romance: You are expert & love affairs, so you are most lovable for sex life. You marry early & you love high standard of living.

Ideal Match: You will not agree with Pisces, Capricorn and Cancer. Best suited are Leo, Gemini and Aquarius.

likes: 1. Getting notes and emails. 2. Getting a manicure. 3. Pretty decorations. 4. Being praised.

Dislikes: 1. Yelling; 2. Being sloppy; 3. Ugly places; 4. Being criticized.

#kissingstyle : You're too busy thinking about the breath smell and other problems when you are kissing someone.

Physical Appearance: Your body is full of curves, angles, curly hair, not necessarily fat. Typically sweet and clear voice.

Plus Side: You're excellent in friendships and partnerships, meaning you play well with a team. And... You are a HONEST friend!!!

Mental Tendencies: Brilliant intellect, forethought, hopeful, cheerful, humane, orderly, loving but changeful and generally amorous.

Sensual Spots: Lower back area. She enjoys being caressed just above the buttocks & a light smack or 2 on her behind will excite her.


Flip Side: You are often seen as moody and insulting - especially when you are bored.

Personality: You can not sit idle! Reserved, tenacious, determined, QUICK WITTED, forceful and positive.

Romance: You're intense, dynamic, energetic in romance and love but of complex to moods.

Ideal Match: You are fit to marry Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer born persons. Avoid Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

likes: 1. Mysteries. 2. Being right. 3. Winning. 4. Being cool.

Dislikes: 1. Being asked too many questions; 2. People who know more than you do; 3. Losing; 4. Getting embarrassed

#kissingstyle : You often skip the kiss and want to go to the next level immediately.

Physical Appearance: good personality, well proportioned stout body, long hand, average stature, broad face, commanding appearance.

Plus Side: You love to be the leader and tend to make a great one. You will always forgive - but will never forget.

Mental Tendencies: Good hearted, pushful, ambitious, greedy and aspiring. Good tempered, frank charitable and friendly.

Sensual Spots: Genital area. Stroking, massaging, & just playing around is sure to send chills down her spine & give her orgasm.


Flip Side: Impatience - You like to get moving and sometimes you fail to plan things out in detail.

Personality: You are frank and honest, warm, generous, have lot of loyal friends who love you, humorous and honourable.

Romance: Your married life will be generally happy & prosperous. You enjoy being protected, but don't wanna be ordered around.

Ideal Match: You are best suited to Sagittarians, Gemini, Leo, Aries; & will have better understanding with Libra & Aquarius.

likes: 1. Perfume. 2. Being invited places. 3. Being praised. 4. Helping others.

Dislikes: 1. Clothes that are too snug; 2. Making promises; 3. Being in 1 place for too long; 4. Having your honesty questioned

#kissingstyle : Very spontaneous and surprising. It makes your lover addicted.

Physical Appearance: Well proportioned & developed body. Tall slender. Long /ovalface. Large forehead, high or bushy eye brows.

Plus Side: You have the gift of seeing the best in people and are kind and caring to those who need your help

Mental Tendencies: You're normally restless. Generous, bold, good hearted, sympathetic, pushful, ambitious, greedy & aspiring.

Sensual Spots: Thigh. Prolong the foreplay, stroke her thighs, gently bite or pinch the inner thigh area to excite her.


Flip Side: Sometimes u test ur friends to see if u can trust them. U also can be unforgiving, especially if someone teases u!

Personality: Good tolerance, patience and steady nature. Many of you are career ladies, to you, love & marriage is a 2nd choice.

Romance: You damsels are not emotional but slow and cautious in approaching opposite sex. You never take lead in romance.

Ideal Match: Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces are best suited for your marriage. You will be warm, affectionate, and even passionate.

likes: 1. Name brands. 2. Having privacy. 3. Playing trivia games. 4. Being comfortable.

Dislikes: 1. Surprises; 2. Feeling lonely; 3. Friends who flake; 4. Wasting money.

#kissingstyle : Very intense, even it can be used as powerful medicine to release the stress

Physical Appearance: Prominent nose, thick neck, long chin, dark hair, short in early age but grows tall after 16 years of age.

Plus Side: Realistic & hard worker! You are an extremely loyal friend, & Once you love somebody.. you love them forever.

Mental Tendencies: Economical, prudent, self willed, reserved, pensive, reasonable, thoughtful and of practical nature.

Sensual Spots: Knees. Concentrate on the entire leg, shower with gentle kisses, bites, strokes and get her really turned on.


Flip Side: You often feel that your problems are more important than anything else. Anw, you have so many great ideas!!

Personality: Serious, quite thoughtful, cautious, prudent, economical, practical, outspoken, unselfish, humane and impersonal.

Romance: Shrewd and studious, you are intelligent and always prefer educated and equally intelligent partner.

Ideal Match: Gemini and Libra born persons suit best to Aquarians.

likes: 1. Inventing things. 2. Surprises. 3. Daydreaming. 4. Vintage clothing.

Dislikes: 1. People who show off; 2. Following the rules; 3. People who are predictable; 4. Borrowing things.

#kissingstyle : Your kiss tends to wet and mess. You like to kiss with open eyes.

Physical Appearance: Generally tall with full stature. Strong, well formed body, oval face, good looking & friendly countenance.

Plus Side: Creative, inventive and you take a unique approach to living your life. You love your friend just the way they are

Mental Tendencies: Intelligent, good memory, possess good concentration, kind, humane and self controlled. You have many friends.

Sensual Spots: Ankles & calves. Hold her ankles together or run fingers up and down her calf muscles to excite her.

Resources : Girl Sextrology on twitter

NotakakisikukiriHD: So, how's ur finding? Ada sama ka? hehehhe.... jom kita check-check diri dan pasangan kita.. dan sesuaikan dengan keadaan untuk keharmonian dan kesejahteraan sejagat gitu kiranya... :D

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