Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ceritera Lelaki : 10 Sexual Fantasies Men Love to Experiment With

Men love to have their thoughts ruled by sex. It is their natural tendency to think of sex every hour of a day. However, being monotonous in sexual activities is a turn-off for men. They love to be experimental to enhance the sexual pleasure. Sexual fantasies find no limit for men as they find various ideas to be exciting and sexually satisfying. The sections below discuss the top 10 sexual fantasies that most of the men wish to fulfill at least once in the lifetime.

Three Is Not a Crowd
Men often fantasize to get sexually engaged with two women at a time. The most exciting part of the fantasy is to let the women spice it up with lesbian actions. Sexual fun increases twofold for men with the thought of being served by two women. Even if they are not able to fulfill this fantasy, men count it among the most arousing sexual thoughts.

Sharing – The Old Habit
While most of the men would hesitate admitting it, sharing their women with other men is one common fantasy for them. They may also wish to watch their women having sexual intercourse with men who are strangers. This kind of fantasy is relished by men as they are able to watch the sexual expressions of their female partners while being with other men.

Stealing the ‘Backdoor’ Fun
Men often wish to try something which is extremely denied by women. Fantasizing about anal sex is what rules the minds of many men. It is the constant denial of their women that further excites men about penetrating anus. That entering an anus can be more pleasurable than a vaginal intercourse fuels the thoughts of men in this direction.

Getting Experience with the Experienced Ones
Talking about men in the age group of 18-25, fantasizing about getting laid with mature and experienced women is on the top among their sexual fantasies. School and college teachers and hot women in the neighborhood are often eyed by these men, who are in the process of discovering the thrilling world of sex.

Dominating and Getting Dominated
Men, especially those who have alpha male qualities, love to behave like an emperor with their women. They are dominating in nature and fantasize being the daddy in the bed. At the same time, getting dominated by allowing women to take the control is another sexual fantasy many men cherish. In any case, domination is a key to pleasure for men.

Oral Performance before the Showdown
Though most of the women disapprove it, it doesn’t stop men from fantasizing oral foreplay. Those who have experienced it, fantasize to get it even more frequently. It is interesting to note that men show equal enthusiasm in providing oral sex pleasure to their female partners. It is a treat for them to watch their women arousing through oral stimulation.

Changing the Backdrop for Fun
Men find their bedroom as boring to repeat the sexual acts. They would fantasize other areas of the house to have a spiced up sexual encounter. From bathtubs to kitchen shelves, there are many favorite spots of men where they fantasize fulfilling their sexual expeditions. Staircase, balcony, terrace and every possible area of the house is the perfect backdrop for them to get laid.

Outdoor Sex for Outstanding Fun
Having a sexual experience outdoors is thrilling for men. They would fantasize having sex inside a car, on a beach or even in the public changing room. The thrill of getting caught is surprisingly a turn-on for them. Their imagination can convert ant part of the world into their sex playground.

Exhibiting the Show
Men won’t mind others to watch them performing sexually. It is in fact a wild fantasy for them to exhibit their sexual abilities to others. Fantasizing the idea of being watched while engaged in sex encourages them to videotape their acts. This also allows them to share their performance with their friends later on.

Performance in Her Birth Suit
A nude dancing female body is like an extravagance for men. It is the naturally curved bodies of women that men love to see engaged in a dance performance. Going further, the performance that begins with stripping is like an icy on the cake. Another add-on for the men is to watch nude women dancing while their own hands tied-up. Getting teased in this way adds to their power and burning desires to enjoy.
There is no limit to the sexual fantasies that actually work to increase the pleasure manifolds. Women may deny, but they love to be the part of these fantasies to share the unlimited fun.

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