Monday, July 15, 2013

Ceritera DIRI : Some info about Taurus

Taurus have the ability to commit immediately. 

Tauruses are stable clear thinkers pick one for a partner it will be the best relationship you will ever have

The greatest thing about a Taurus is they always look inside themselves for the answer to any change

Stubborn = Having a determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, in spite of good reasons. = Taurus

 Taurus may appear gullible at times.

Taurus do warn you about limits. Everyone has them. It’s very important to understand that as quickly as a Taurean can be turned on by you is as quickly as they can be turned off by your lack of understanding. This is not just a taurus trait but the fragile nature of people and taurus are everyday people.

When a Taurus is honest it can be mistaken for rudeness.

As a Taurus you are not only methodical you can also be flexible.

Along with seeking materialistic reward the Taurus is also the ultimate pleasure seeker.

Taurus might be so loyal that even if you were to do them wrong they still wouldn’t betray confidences.

Taurus are sensitive and instinctive.

It’s impossible to be a better sign then Taurus - 
1. We control the senses 
2. Second House is money 
3. Planet Venus is Love and Beauty

Taurus have one love to give everyone.

Taurus are known for a unique style and they don’t care what you think about them.

As a friend a Taurus knows exactly how to bring the best out of you.
Taurus don’t betray you.

Those things a Taurus says when they are angry are not meant to be taken personally.

Taurus don’t want to be in control they want a direction in the relationship.

Taurus has a strong set of values and moral which cannot be influenced or changed. 

Tauruses make very good employees they are known for getting their work done and being loyal to their employer.

A taurus has to be the head of their own family, they are not comfortable playing the extra wheel for too long.

Taurus are amazingly patient and tolerant people.

A Taurus won’t complain about the work that needs to be done.

Talk about something if your talking to a taurus cause they don’t do small talk at all.

Taurus aim to please they love to create peaceful environments and usually live very stress free lives.

As a Taurus when it comes to getting something you want you are extra stubborn.

A Taurus will be there for you when everyone else is gone

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